Insourcing Defined

In-sourcing - A Company Within A Company

You select the portions of your operations where you want us accountable for the output. We then place our company within your company; on-site but outsourced. We'll even base our compensation on meeting your quality and productivity goals, as documented in Service Level Agreements.

MLS delivers complete in-sourcing by:

  • Providing & training all production and/or service staff
  • Managing & supervising staff performance to Key Performance Indicators
  • Providing & managing Training, Safety & Human Resources programs
  • Improving processes & reducing cost with our Comprehensive Lean Labor Program
  • Guaranteeing pricing per unit/item with a piece rate model, see Piece Rate in-sourcing

Scope of In-sourcing Operations
Because we're compensated on achieving your goals, we're motivated to drive waste and cost out of your operations. You choose the scope we take ownership for, and we optimize productivity and processes for:

  • Entire production cells,
  • Different tasks within a cell, or
  • Different job classes (i.e. Grade 1) across many cells

Production Positions In-sourced

  • Assembly Workers
  • Forklift Operators
  • Inspectors
  • Kitting Workers
  • Machine Feeders
  • Machine Operators
  • Material Workers
  • Packers
  • PIT Operators
  • Production Helpers
  • Waste Haulers